Vehicle Technology

100% Electric Powertrain Systems

REV designs and develops modular 100% electric powertrain systems for light-duty vehicles, with 


hardware and software, that enables them to intelligently and automatically power buildings, equipment, grids and micro grids.


These systems are currently designed to up-fit existing Ford Escape and Ford F-150 platforms, from gasoline propulsion to 100% battery electric vehicles (BEV). REV’s up-fits maintain FMVSS compliance and add EV-specific safety systems over and above the OEM’s original safety equipment.


Using only tier 1 American made suppliers, REV’s powertrain systems can be integrated into other OEM platforms for high volume production. REV can also work with OEM’s to design new drive trains for specific platforms for higher volume production (100+). These systems can be right-sized to meet the duty cycles for specific applications.
Intelligent Energy Storage System (iESS)

iESS is more than just energy storage. An intelligent energy storage system that is part of an integrated vehicle communications network has the capability of acting as a silent mobile Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) and can provide significant amounts of power when needed. Some applications include:

  • Peak shaving for power utilities
  • Emergency power supply in commercial and residential buildings
  • Off-grid energy storage for renewable power production
  • Event power support services
  • Powering equipment and tools in emergency response or construction sites
  • Low heat signature military backup power supply

Using REV’s internet and phone-enabled control applications, vehicles incorporating iESS technology can also be monitored and managed remotely, providing flexibility and control over a vehicle’s energy usage and consumption.