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October 2011
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Can EV's ignite the smart grid?

...can become a "virtual power plant" through the aggregation of a small percent of battery capacity for plugged-in vehicles.




June 2011
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BC Tech 2011 Magazine: CEO feature article

REV has also developed “bi-directional” wireless technology that allows the car’s battery to communicate with the elec- trical grid when it’s plugged in.




June 2011
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The Founding Story of REV: Employment Vancouver Newspaper

"If you have the seed of the thought, then it's your responsibility."





May 24, 2011
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Business In Vancouver CEO Profile
- From snowboarding to electric cars

“you go to a gas station, throw down $60, and 45 of those dollars isn’t even moving the car. I knew there had to be a better way.”



May 8, 2011
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REV R&D Center Tour and Test Drive






April 20, 2011
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REV featured on The Pitch on BNN

"I think the timing is right." John Sleeman







April 4, 2011
Vancouver Sun
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BC clean tech firms warm up for Silicon Valley with investment boot camp

“The company modifies electric-powered vehicles for heavy duty utility and military applications. The United States Army and the city of Santa Monica are among those testing REV products.” Scott Simpson, Vancouver Sun



March 30, 2011
Forbes Magazine

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Accelerating Innovation

"One solution to the electric vehicle adoption continuum comes from Canada’s Rapid Electric Vehicles..." Terry Waghorn,




March 16, 2011
Green Living Guy

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John Wallace, 20-Year Automotive Veteran, Joins Board Of Directors of Rapid Electric Vehicles

“They have found their niche in targeting ideal early adopters for Electric Vehicles - the commercial fleet market."




March, 2011
COVER STORY! Design Product News magazine
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Electric Vehicle coverage on the cover of DPN

"Giraud says the TARDEC project represents the next generation of EV technology - the convergence of the automotive and electrical generating industries."



March 21, 2011
Canadian Manufacturing
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EV Visionary joins REV Board of Directors



February 22, 2011
CTV News at 6, Vancouver
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"Canada's electric car for fleets"




December 19, 2010

TG Daily

Electric Vehicle Shifts Power Back To The Grid

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"REV is at the frontier of a major shift in the automotive industry. Distributed, rolling energy storage will be a game-changer," Jigar Shah, CEO of the Carbon War Room and founder of SunEdison."


December, 2010

REV and the V2G Revolution (video interview with Jay Giraud)

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October, 2010
Resource World Magazine

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REV Wins Contract With The US Military



Aug 25, 2010
REV featured on Global TV News Hour

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"A whole new kind of electric car"

“A Vancouver company may be on the verge of something big in green transportation: A new kind of electric car that not only supplies some of its own power. It can provide power back to the grid too, and now the U.S. Military is interested in the technology.”













Aug 24, 2010

REV Charges Up Army Microgrid Project



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Aug 10, 2010

The World’s Largest Vehicle-To-Grid Project Quietly Plugs In

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Managing electric vehicles like a symphony with software



May 28, 2010
Out With The Old Engine, In With The New

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How an East Vancouver start-up is transforming gas-guzzlers


Apr 23, 2010

GridSmartCity Initiative video featuring President of Burlington Hydro

Burlington Hydro gets a REV for its GridSmartCity initiative [w/VIDEO]



Apr 21, 2010

GridSmartCity Initiative Launch at Burlington City Hall

Burlington city Mayor and Ontario's Minister of Energy enjoy the first inaugural test drive in their new Burlington Hydro grid-ready 100% electric SUV.





Dec. 16 , 2009

Bloom! Seattle

REV's Founder Jay Giraud speaks about the company's back story