Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, REV is a privately held company developing technologies that lie at the intersection of the EV and energy industries. Our technologies allows electric vehicles to act as mobile generators that power equipment, buildings and the utility grid itself.

While plugged in, electric cars have the potential to be a vast network of energy storage reservoirs for the grid. REV’s patented technologies creates the potential for widescale renewable power adoption, decreasing capital upgrades and increasing efficiency gains system-wide.

Over the past three years we’ve developed the technologies that allow electric vehicles to become integrated grid storage, acting as high-output endpoints that can be called on as power resources to improve reliability of the grid and increase society’s adoption of wind and solar power. With these technologies fleets are empowered to use their existing fuel budgets to both replace their combustion-engine vehicles with electric ones and provide access to the on-board energy storage that the grid needs. All without compromising vehicles’ performance, range or their useful life.

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Don’t electric vehicles actually just move pollution to another location? 
No. Plug-in electric vehicles use power from the grid which comes from power generation plants. Power generation plants, even coal burning ones, are inherently more efficient and less pollut...
How long does it take to recharge? 
That depends on how far the battery has been discharged and what source is being used to charge the batteries. REV offers 110v or 220v charging solutions, with which a full charge can be ach...
How much service does an electric car require?
Far, far less than gasoline-powered cars. Most cars require service every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Electric cars have no motor oil or oil filters to change, no smog equipment to check, no air f...